25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 20th June 2014 @ 21:18


21:55: Final count for Flight A is 91 so we have an £18,200 prize pool contribution already so well on the way to exceeding the £25,000 guarantee.

21:51: Paul Green opens to 700. Ian Wright calls from the Button plus Ben Grant and Rab Welsh come along from the SB and BB respectively. Flop JhJc8s. Paul Green bets 1k which gets calls from Ian and Rab. Turn Th. Paul bets again and both opponents fold.

21:45: Ian Wright opens to 600 UTG, Rab Welsh 3bets which is called by Paul Green on the Button and Ian. Flop 999. Paul bets when checked to and Rab calls (Ian gets out the way). Turn Q which goes check/check. River Ace and Rab fires out 5k. Paul folds showing TT. Rab let him see his AK telling Paul he was winning on the Flop.

21:43: Ben Grant limps for 300. Eldon Orr makes it 900. Matthew Bowron calls from the Button as does Paul Green in the SB and Ben. Flop QcQd8d. Checks to PFR Eldon and he bets 2.2k. It's good as all the others fold.

21:40: Ian Wright starts off by opening to 600 from early position. Ben Grant 3bets him to 2k from his immediate left. Paul Green calls from the BB and Ian decides to sit this one out. Flop 7h6h6c. Paul checks. Ben bets 3k. Paul calls. Turn 4h. Check/Check. River 4c. Check/Check again and Paul shows JJ to take it down.

21:36: Ian Wright has just arrived at Table 2 right next to my desk. I hope he is a in a quiet mood tonight.

21:34: On Table 2 again Ben Grant opens to 1.2k in the cut-off. Takes it down.

21:28: On Table 2 Rab Welsh opens to 700 UTG. Paul Green calls from the Hijack as does Ben Grant from the BB. Flop 6c4c3h. Checked to Paul and he bets 800. Both other players call. Turn 2h. Check around. River 8d. Checked to Paul and he bets 1.2k. Ben calls, Rab folds. Paul shows 44 for a Flopped Set and Ben has 8h7h for a Rivered Top Paid. Paul G takes it down.

21:23: Quite a few visitors from Aberdeen including Ian Wright, Steven Gray, Andriy Shevi Myro, Stuart Wilson plus a few others.

21:20: Players back from their break. Registration is now closed. Will update with the Flight A final count once it is confirmed.

20th June 2014 @ 22:06
Chip Leaders Please?
20th June 2014 @ 22:07
Will be doing chip counts at next break. After 11pm.
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