25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight A - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 20th June 2014 @ 20:25


21:07: Someone just won £18,000 here in the Merchant City Casino on a slot machine! Not a bad bit of business. Us poker players have to work for days for that kind of payout. First here in the tournament should take home around £12,000.

21:05: End of Level 3. We are now on a break. 15 minutes then registration will be closed. Currently 88 players with some queuing up to get in.

21:04: Glasgow's own Jonny Gray has arrived and is now buying in.

21:02: Another bunch of players from Table 1 this time:

21:00: Some of the players on Table 2:

20:59: We have a special Light Bite menu available here at the Merchant City Casino during the 25/25 Series:

20:54: Another 25/25 regular Mark Dolan (in the middle) giving his customary greeting (he's a big softy really). That's Billy Mundh on the left and Conor Ogg on the right.

20:50: Here is Dundee Legend Jimmy Page. The word is that he's the best player in Dundee. At least that's what he's been telling anyone who'll listen for years.

20:49: Ian Swan eliminated by Gordon Wood. We now have 80 players, 3 of whom are re-entries. Not sure of Ian is one of those though.

20:46: Makka is sitting next to Richard Goldberg (pictured below). They were both final tablists at the Scottish Poker Series at the Grosvenor Maybury Casino in Edinburgh in July 2013.

20:43: Makka Hussain is taking part. He has won the odd tournament including the first ever Scottish 25/25 Series event right here at the Merchant City Casino last year.

20:40: Here are old pals Paul "Boba Fett" McTaggart and Jonny "Pray4Jay" Lynas side by side on Table 4:

20:39: Had some technical difficulties there but back on track now. Have a few pics to upload.

9th January 2021 @ 14:44
Mark Dolan is a women beater nothing soft about him fact
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