25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 20th June 2014 @ 18:59


19:43: Blinds up!

19:37: The first knockout there on Table 5 and it's a double! Stuart Wilson and Stewart Kenward sent packing by Steven Turner (pictured below).

Steven Turner had the KhJh for a flopped flush, Stewart Wilson the Qh3h and Stewart Kenward TcTs. They were all in on the 9s Turn and the 6s River changed nothing.

19:30: Up to 58 players now.

19:22: I'm sitting next to Tables 2 & 3 so will catch the odd hand from them most likely. On 3 Elizabeth Brown limps in for 100 as does Liam Spence. Gordon wood then makes it 300 from the Button. Both limpers call. The flop is Ts9d7c. Gordon bets 500 when they both check to him. Elizabeth calls and Liam folds so now heads up. Turn Jc. She check/calls Gordon's bet again (didn't catch the sizing). River Ks and now Elizabeth leads out for 2.5k, showing aggression for the first time in the hand. Gordon calls immediately showing KQ for a Straight but he's beaten by AQ (Broadway Straight). An early set-back for Gordon who final-tabled the last 25/25 Series event here at the Merchant City.

19:15: Seating chart:

19:10: Up to a respectable 49 already.

19:07: Some players travelling from Edinburgh had a bit of a sun roof malfunction but still made best the it. Paul Green and Chris Wilson below:

19:06: Here are all the chip demoninations that will be used in the tournament:

19:04: We have started! 42 players so far. Late registration until around 9.15pm.

18:58: We are about to kick things off here in Glasgow...

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