25/25 Series Aberdeen - Final Table - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 19th May 2014 @ 0:01


00:47: Andrew playing quite aggressively heads up but pots going back and forwards. Blinds going up.

00:36: A friendly handshake at the start of the heads up battle:

00:30 Andrew White about to start heads up with Grant Cooper. 1st will get £10,850. They have already secured at least £7,110. No deals so far. The appox chip counts are:

Andrew White 3270k
Grant Cooper 1490k

00:25: Stuart shoves 687k from the Button with TT. Andrew calls with KQ and hits 2 pair! Stuart Wilson 3rd for £4,450.

00:12: Andrew makes it 110k from the SB. Grant calls from the BB. Flop QdTd9c. Check/Check. Turn Jc. Check/Check. River 3h. Andrew checks. Grant bets 135k and takes it.

00:10: Stuart doubles with 99 vs Grant's 86 all in preflop!

00:09: Very rough counts:

Andrew White 2500k
Grant Cooper 1700k
Stuart Wilson 400k

00:06: Stuart still in with about 370k.

00:04: Monster pot for Andrew there vs Stuart! He flopped a pair and open-ended straight draw vs two pair. Stuart was betting all the way. On the River Andrew hit the straight and insta-called Stuart's shove. Waiting to see if Stuart is still alive.

1st January 2023 @ 0:29
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