25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight C - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 1:53


02:50: Blinds going up!

02:47: Cameron Alavizadeh (standing up in the blue top) takes a 30k hit but still alive:

02:38: Euan Swan out. 25 left.

02:35: 88 vs 88 all in preflop there but not surprisingly it was a chop:

02:32: Looks like "The Dentist" has been all in the last couple of hands preflop but no callers.

02:30: Scott Brown down!

02:25: That's us down to 27 on 3 tables now.

02:21: 28 players left now from 60. We'll go to 3 tables after we lose one more.

02:19: I suggested to Table 3 that they do a Mexican Wave but they didn't seem keen. I was a bit disappointed.

02:14: We're back in action! 2 more levels to go. It's pretty warm in the card room tonight but that's not stopping Rejus Zemaitis from going into Ninja Stealth Mode:

02:03: Reminder of the chip denominations. There are also Maroon 10k and Black 25k ones.

02:01: I missed his exit but we are now operating as a Fowlerless Tournament I'm afraid. Lewis has reported to the rail.

01:55: On a break at the moment.

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