25/25 Series Aberdeen - Final Table - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 23:03


00:00: The last 3 players have £4,450 locked up now. Andrew said he is keen to deal and take home at least £7k each but Grant has declined saying he's not doing any deals.

23:56: Very approx visual counts 3-handed:

Andrew White 1300k
Grant Cooper 1700k
Stuart Wilson 1600k

23:53: Craig out! I didn't catch all the action but he shoved the River and was called by grant with second pair and it was good. Grant thought it over for quite a while. Craig Smith 4th for £2,920.

23:49: Grant opens to 66k. Andrew shoves all in from the BB for 673k. Grant tank/calls with 55. Andrew tables QJ. Andrew is behind until the River but it's a Queen for his double up. Andrew apologises and said he just wants to go home. He slept in his car last night as he had trouble arranging suitable accommodation!

23:46: A nice pot for Stuart there vs Andrew.

23:42: Stuart opens the Button to 65k. Andrew 3bets from the SB to 235k. Stuart folds, showing an Ace.

23:38: Andrew opens to 60k. Grant 3bets the Button to 145k. Andrew calls. Flop 9d4s2h. Andrew checks. Grant bets 110k. Andrew folds.

23:32: Craig shoves all in from the SB (97o) and Stuart calls with AQ. Nae bother for Craig though as he hits a full house to double up! His 336k stack has now been multiplied by 2.

23:30: Andrew raises the Button this time but no contest.

23:28: Andrew raised to 70k from the SB into Grant's BB. He calls. Flop AcQhJd. Andrew bets 75k. Grant calls. Turn Qc. Check/Check. River 9h. Andrew checks. Grant bets 130k. Andrew calls. Grant shows KQ for Trip Queens and takes it.

23:22: Stuart 3bets from the BB vs Grant's Button raise. Grant calls but folds to Stuart's 155k c-bet on the 883 Flop.

23:16: The prizes for the last 4 are as follow...

1 £10,850
2 £7,110
3 £4,450
4 £2,920

23:15: Ship-happy Craig has moved all in another twice and won.

23:10: Martin opens UTG for 125K (about 40% of his stack). Stuart 3bets to 325k (enough to cover Martin). Martin calls. He tables AK and is against 77. Stuart holds and Martin Dines is out in 5th for £2,020.

23:09: Craig open-shoves the first hand back taking the blinds and antes.

23:04: Latest counts 5-handed:

2. Andrew White 1400k
4. Grant Cooper 1500k
6. Martin Dines 320k
8. Craig Smith 320k
9. Stuart Wilson 1150k

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