25/25 Series Aberdeen - Final Table - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 22:08


22:55: Break

22:53: Martin ships all in over the top of Andrew's 50k button raise. Andrew thinks it over but decides to fold.

22:49: Andrew opens to 50k UTG and Stuart calls from the BB. Flop 7d2d2c. Stuart leads into Andrew for 80k. Andrew folds.

22:47: Andrew opens to 50k in the cut-off and Grant calls from the Button. Heads up to the 7c6h5h Flop. Andrew check/folds.

22:43: Craig has open-shipped all in a couple of times this round and won the blinds and antes.

22:41: Double up for Shortie Martin with 144k A7 all in vs Stuart's KT.

22:35: Stuart wins a pot there blinds vs blind against Andrew.

22:33: Here are all the cashers so far and remaining prizes:

1 £10,850
2 £7,110
3 £4,450
4 £2,920
5 £2,020
6 £1,460 Les Clark
7 £1,190 James Gray
8 £1,010 Andrew Hutcheon
9 £860 Boaby Jardine
10 £710 John Angus
11 £600 Grant Williams
12 £600 Ian Morrison
13 £520 Steven Saunders
14 £520 Mark Dolan
15 £450 Jonathan McRitche
16 £450 Shaun Rutter
17 £450 Carolyn Gray
18 £410 David Alexander
19 £410 Jordan Craig
20 £410 Amit Patni

22:31: Andrew opens to 50k from the cut-off. Les moves all in from the SB for 291k with A9. Andrew makes the call with AQ. The AQ holds and Les Clark is out in 6th for £1,460.

22:28: Folded to Grant on the Button and he just shoves all in vs Martin and Les' blinds. They both fold.

22:26: Andrew W opens the Button to 50k. Martin D calls from the BB. Flop 9s8s5s. Martin checks and Andrew bets 30k. He takes it down.

22:24: Craig opens to 50k in the cut-off. Stuart 3bets to 175k from the Button and gets it through.

22:21: A small pot for Andrew W then in the next one Grant opens and Craig shoves all in, taking it down.

22:16: No deals have been discussed so far. This is a serious bunch of players.

22:15: Andrew wins the first pot back from the break vs Grant.

22:14: Here are the final 6 back in action:

22:10: Latest chip counts 6-handed at the FT:

1. -
2. Andrew White 1110k
3. -
4. Grant Cooper 1410k
5. -
6. Martin Dines 365k
7. Les Clark 270k
8. Craig Smith 310k
9. Stuart Wilson 1200k

18th May 2014 @ 22:12
Les Clark's Book of Tells
If there are any chop discussions we want to hear about it on here MJS! That's how stars do things these days remember
18th May 2014 @ 22:15
No Chops mentioned at all so far!
18th May 2014 @ 22:36
Chip Counts??
18th May 2014 @ 22:42
Similar to last update but with Andrew absorbing Les' stack. 10 min break in 15 min's time so will try to get updated ones then. Very hard to visually count them from a distance with so many chips in each stack.
18th May 2014 @ 22:48
Can you not aske them to Stack like a real Poker Player? Makes Logical Sense?
18th May 2014 @ 22:51
I can't influence the game. Just an observer.
18th May 2014 @ 23:05
Counts 2. Andrew White 1400k 4. Grant Cooper 1500k 6. Martin Dines 320k 8. Craig Smith 320k 9. Stuart Wilson 1150k
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