25/25 Series Aberdeen - Final Table - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 21:20


22:03: Players have a agreed to go on a 5 minute smoke break at the end of this time in a couple of minutes.

21:55: Andrew White opens to 40k on the Button, Grant Cooper calls from the SB and Martin Dines ships all in from the BB for about 167k. Andrew raises again to isolate and Grant folds. It's QJ (Andrew) vs AK (Martin) and Martin gets a much-needed double up.

21:50: Craig opens to 40k on the cut-off. Stuart 3bets to 82k from the Button. Craig 4bets to 140k but Stuart 5bet shoves all in and Craig immediately releases.

21:47: A pot for Stuart Wilson there. He's been very quiet so far at the FT.

21:43: In James' exit hand he opened for 40k UTG with KK which Andrew called. The Flop came 873 Rainbow and both players checked. Turn Ace and James bet. Andrew min-raised which James called. River 6s and James shoved all in. Andrew snap-called and tabled 88 for a flopped set.

21:41: James Gray out in 7th for £1,190. Taken out by Andrew White.

21:27: James Gray opens for 50k, Grant Cooper 3bets to 132k and Andrew Hutcheon shoves for about 250k with QQ. James tank/folds (he said he had JJ) and Grant calls (66). Nae bother for Grant though as he hits a set to send Andrew packing. A Jack also came on the board so the pot would have gone to James if he stayed in. He didn't look too pleased afterwards.

18th May 2014 @ 22:00
isolated bet to help his m8 double ;)
18th May 2014 @ 22:20
discussing a chop,? lol
18th May 2014 @ 22:21
Not mentioned at all so far.
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