25/25 Series Aberdeen - Final Table - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500) Part II

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 20:00


21:20: Blinds up.

21:16: Boaby Jardine out in 9th for £860. He got his last 116k in with K6 vs Grant Cooper's 55 and couldn't get there.

21:12: Big pot there for Andrew White vs Boaby Jardine. Didn't catch the preflop action but Boaby raised to 125k on the Flop, bet 125k on the Turn and bet 180k on the River on a KdQdTd-Qc-7s board. Andrew didn't like it, tanking for several minutes but eventually made the big call with K9 for top pair. Boaby declared Ace High and his stack was severely damaged.

21:00: Craig opens the button to 32k. James in the BB 3bets to 72k. Craig gets away from it and James gets his first win at the FT.

20:57: Double up for Andrew Hutcheon. James Gray opened (77) and Andrew shoved all in for 125k with KQ. James called and Andrew won the race.

20:55: Big pot! Grant Cooper opens for 40k. Les makes it 90k from the SB. Back to Grant and he calls. Flop Qd6h5s. Les leads for 80k. Grant calls. Turn Qs. Les bets 100k. Grant calls. River 6c. Les checks. Grant moves all in for over 300k which Les just covers. Les thinks for a few minutes but folds AA face up. Grant doesn't show but says he'll tell him after the final.

20:44: James Gray opens to 40k from mid-position. Martin Dines calls from the BB for heads up. Flop Jc9d3d. Martin open-shoves all in for 135k. James thinks it over but elects to fold.

20:41: Craig Smith opens to 32k UTG+2. Grant calls from the SB for heads up. Flop KhTs9h. Check/check. Turn Qd. Grant bets and takes it.

20:39: Second hand Boaby and Grant play a blind on blind hand. Grant takes it.

20:36: First hand Grant Cooper opens to 36k UTG, Craig Smith 3bets in position and Boaby Jardine 4bet shoves from the BB. Grant gets out of the way and Craig calls. It was Craig's AdKd vs Boaby's QQ. Craig managed to hit a Flush to double up.

20:33: Obligatory pre-FT pic:

20:25: Shuffling up in just a few minutes. Here is a lovely graphical representation of the FT:

20:17: Here is your final table...

1. James Gray 488k
2. Andrew White 661k
3. Boaby Jardine 877k
4. Grant Cooper 579k
5. Andrew Hutcheon 158k
6. Martin Dines 176k
7. Les Clark 614k
8. Craig Smith 285k
9. Stuart Wilson 840k

20:07: Prizes for the FT:

1 £10,850
2 £7,110
3 £4,450
4 £2,920
5 £2,020
6 £1,460
7 £1,190
8 £1,010
9 £860

20:02: Preparing for the final table. Counts coming soon.

18th May 2014 @ 20:13
wsyne grieve
Tell boaby jardine well dun bud and Stuart Wilson grant copper well dun as well and the stone wall les Clark
18th May 2014 @ 20:22
tell les not to get bully by edin guys...take it down les..no deal show them how veteran player how to play
18th May 2014 @ 21:05
Les Clark's Book Of Tells
Wonger in the house
18th May 2014 @ 21:13
Tell Martin Dines, fortune favours the brave
18th May 2014 @ 21:18
man who die soon
tell my wife i love her
18th May 2014 @ 22:22
Passed that on to Martin, Sarah!
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