25/25 Series Aberdeen - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500) Part I

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 19:34


19:59: Break for the final table. Counts in a bit.

19:57: John Angus FT Bubbles in 10th for £710. Bad beat all in preflop with QT vs Grant Cooper's Q9.

19:56: Flush over Flush there for Boaby J vs Les but Les didn't go broke, just calling Boaby's River raise.

19:46: 4 of the 5 players on one of the remaining tables are all Edinburgh regulars! A good showing from the Capital. Andrew White, John Angus, Craig Smith and James Gray. Poor Grant "The Scarf" Cooper is all alone. Aberdeen is well represented on the other table though, don't panic.

19:36: Our last 10 are shown below. Will wait till the final table of 9 to get all the chip counts. £710 locked up for all remaining participants.

John Angus
Craig Smith
Grant Cooper
James Gray
Andrew White
Boaby Jardine
Les Clark
Andrew Hutcheon
Stuart Wilson
Martin Dines

19:35: On a break with 10 left. Coming back to hand for hand on the FT bubble. Stuart Wilson took out Graham Williams in a massive pot and now has the chip lead (approx 900k).

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