25/25 Series Aberdeen - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 16:54


17:50: Blinds going up. Still 19 left.

17:38: Craig Smith doubles up James Gray losing with K9 vs AQ all in preflop.

17:32: Amit Patni out. His chips go to Boaby J. He gets £410 for 20th place.

17:29: That didn't take long. Brent Burnett bubbles. Andrew White sucked out with QJ vs KJ all in preflop. All 20 remaining players in the money now.

17:22: Les just told Grant that Boaby said that he hopes he bubbles. Boaby denied this though.

17:21: Hand for hand now on the Bubble with 21 left. 20 get paid. £410 is the min cash.

17:19: Jack Lloyd out! AJ vs Mark Dolan's AK all in preflop.

17:17: Latest counts from the break but we have since lost Jordan Shenolikar and Keiran Laidler. There is no Table 1 by the way. 22 left. Going to hand for hand after we lose one more player.

Table 2
John Angus 160k
Craig Smith 330k
Jordan Craig 105k
Carolyn Gray 120k
James Gray 180k
Brent Burnett 65k
Martin Dines 200k
Andrew White 195k

Table 3
David Alexander 170k
Jordan Shenolikar 76k
Boaby Jardine 425k
Les Clark 114k
Keiran Laidler 36k
Steven Saunders 215k
Amit Patni 150k
Jonathan McRitche 185k

Table 4
Andrew Hutchison 180k
Jack Lloyd 143k
Shaun Rutter 206k
Stuart Wilson 300k
Mark Dolan 215k
Grant Cooper 262k
Grant Williams 500k
Ian Morrison 75k

17:14: Double knockout there. Down to 22. Counts almost ready...

16:55: On a break. Chip counts coming soon.

18th May 2014 @ 17:32
James Gray
GoGo Cotter :)
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