25/25 Series Aberdeen - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 18th May 2014 @ 15:16


16:06: Blinds up. Down to 27. Breaking down to 3 tables.

15:58: Double up for Caorlyn Gray now with AQ vs JT all in preflop.

15:53: Two hand penalty for Carolyn Gray for betting 18k out of turn on the River vs Grant Cooper. He decided to bet 40k instead and she folded, leaving the 18k in the pot. The Grosvenor rule is that the out of turn bet stays in and it doesn't matter if the action before changes.

15:52: Graham Williams has about 300k now, Ian Morrison 250k.

15:39: Scott "Mini" Finlayson also out. 29 left now.

15:37: William Hanratty out! He 3bet jammed A9 but couldn't get there vs Andrew White's AK.

15:31: David Girdwood out with QQ vs KK.

15:30: Pair of trainers for sale. £25 ONO.

15:21: Double up for James Gray through chip leader Craig Smith there. James had QT and hit two pair on the River. Craig bet the River (about 20k) and called James' shove (about 70k total) after a long deliberation. That's James on the left, Brent Burnett (not involved in the hand) on the right and Mark Dolan peeking over from the table next door:

15:20: Blinds now 3k/6k with a 600 ante.

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