25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight C - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 19:45


20:40: Up to 50 players now! Blinds going up.

20:39: Lee Noble out.

20:36: Peter Stephen opens to 300 UTG, Nehme calls from the cut off and Roy Rimmer joins the party from the BB. Flop 9h4c4s and Peter leads for 400. Nehme raises to 1,600 which Peter calls after Roy folds. Turn 2d and Peter checks. Nehme bets 2,700 which is good enough to take it down.

20:30: Peter Stephen opens to 300, Lee Noble calls on the button and Nehme Al Asmar calls in the SB along with Hamid Motaghian in the BB. The Flop comes Jh7d6c and Hamid fires out 1k when checked to. No contest and he takes it down. He shows KJ for top pair afterwards.

20:26: I have relocated my desk and am sitting next to Table 2. Nehme Al Asmar opens to 200 UTG, Jack Lloyd 3bets to 900 and Nehme calls for heads up. The Flop comes Qc8d6c. Nehme checks, Jack bets 900 then Nehme makes it 4.5k. Jack folds and Nehme takes it down.

20:18: Here's the card room. 44 players now.

20:01: We have 40 players in now about half of which are re-entries:

19:56: Slight delay but starting now. An impressive 35 players for Flight C.

19:45: Flight C starting very soon!

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