25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 18:00


18:38: Double up for Jacky Scollay there. He shoved all in for 9.2k with KJ and got there vs AQ.

18:20: Down to 18 players on 2 tables now from the 49 that started Flight B and here they are:

18:15: Back in action now. Here are a few stacks from around the room:

Wayne Cumming 140k
Brent Burnett 120k
Keith Scott 100k
Jordan Shenolikar 95k
Thomas Grundy 95k
Kevin Linton 92k
Mark Eadie 75k

18:07: Jordan Shenolikar mucks one:

18:04: Jacky Scollay is getting a bit short after a good start earlier:

18:01: William "Wolzer" Hanratty's stack at the moment:

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