25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 15:39


16:22: Players on a break now. Will try to get some chip counts from around the room.

16:17: Down to 27 players over 3 tables now.

16:16: Keith Scott has a few chips too:

16:14: Kevin Linton also has a decent stack:

16:12: John Angus has built up a nice stack and is one of the chip leaders so far today:

16:09: A nice pot for James Gray Jnr (left) there. He flopped the second nut straight with Ks9s and somehow his opponent got about 40k in on the 6s Turn with A6 drawing dead.

16:01: Brent Burnett moving in the right direction after flopping a set vs two pair:

15:57: There's a break in 25 minutes and I'll get some chip counts during it. Just trying to pace myself as I'm here for all of Flight B and Flight C tonight!

15:56: If you fancy getting into Flight C on the cheap come down the card room and sign up for an 11-player £20 flip for a seat.

15:55: St Johnstone 1-0 Dundee Utd.

15:41: Blinds now 300/600 with a 50 ante. 32 players left from the 49 that started Flight B. 22 made it to Day 2 last night in Flight A from the 78 that started. Another chance to get involved at 7.45pm tonight. The £25,000 guarantee has already been exceeeded so it's a no brainer.

17th May 2014 @ 16:16
david girdwood
its keith scott lol
17th May 2014 @ 16:22
Good work. Thanks. I updated it.
17th May 2014 @ 16:34
david girdwood
and that 16:14 comment is kevin linton....... the clue is "kevin" on his t shirt lol :P
17th May 2014 @ 16:59
Thanks. I do get the odd dodgy seating chart from time to time.
17th May 2014 @ 17:07
david girdwood
ur doin a crackin job btw :)thanks
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