25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 14:20


15:00: Blinds up. Mark Dolan also out but says he'll be back in Flight C at 7.45pm.

14:59: Nice pot there on Table 1. This gentleman hit a Straight on the Turn with Ac8c vs JJ and AdQd. He knocks out Ali Ciftci and another player. Ali had shoved all in for 6.7k on the Flop which the other 2 called. Then the rest of the money went in on the Turn.

14:42: Zahir Ibrahim now up to 40k:

14:40: Nicky Law doesn't care what happens tonight as long as he has more chips than Stuart Wilson:

14:34: Brent Burnett should do better from Level 4 onwards as he now has his lucky charm in play:

14:29: Flight B closed for business with 49 entries. That makes 127 overall so we've exceeeded the guarantee with £25,400!

14:28: Lewis Fowler confirmed that he got his breakfast for free and reported that it was "alright". Back to the serious poker stuff now...

14:24: Team Edinburgh on the rail talking about what happened after the tournament last night:

14:18: Never seen so much interest in a man's breakfast but there are several players asking on Facebook if Lewis Fowler enjoyed his breakfast, if he got it for free etc. - will try to find out.

14:16: Still 5 mins to go of the break. Here is popular local boy Lewis Fowler's stack. Looks like about 42k.

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