25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 13:23


14:05: Lewis Fowler quiet so far as he's been muching away on a Big Breakfast. Players on a break. 15 minutes still to register. 49 in so far.

14:03: A wee bit of action on Table 1 there. Wayne Shinnie opened to 750, another player 3bet to 1.6k then Chris Barclay shoved all in (didn't see exactly how much but maybe 20k). Wayne did the same and the other player called immediately with AA. Wayne had AK and Chris has 9d8d. The Flop brought two Eights so and that was good enough for a treble through. The Aces held up in the side pot and Wayne was sent to the rail.

13:48: Chris Ferguson here stacking his chips after taking out Euan Dunbar with AA vs KQ all in on a Queen High flop.

13:30: The one and only Lewis Fowler has arrived and joined Table 1. Wonder if he'll be looking at his cards today.

13:29: Sounds like both Religion and Politics being discussed on Table 1! The two main interlocutors being Ali Ciftci and William Hanratty.

13:25: Blinds up to 100/200.

17th May 2014 @ 14:12
Les Clark's Book of Tells
What happened to the Fowler breakfast reduction program. Mr Blogger : Can you confirm if said breakfast was a comp or not?
17th May 2014 @ 14:23
Just got confirmation that Mr Fowler did NOT pay for the breakfast. When asked how it was he said it was "alright".
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