25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 19:00


19:41: Flight B over. Will get the counts for you soon. Flight C starting any minute!

19:26: Looks like that flip win was well-timed for Willie Paxton as he's just been knocked out of Flight B. 15 players left from 29. We are playing 5 more hands then the flight is over.

19:23: Two players eliminated in the same hand on Table 2. Mark Eadie (AA) was the one doing the dispatching. Jacky Scollay (QQ) was one of the players walking.

19:19: Eleven players have just taken part in £20 flip for a Flight C entry. The winner was Willie Paxton from Edinburgh.

19:08: Doing a bit of blogger station relocation at the moment which is the reason for the lack of updates in this level. Once it's over we'll get the full chip counts then kick off Flight C. We have 19 registered already to start Flight C so that's looking good.

19:02: Last level of Flight B in progress now. Still 18 players. No exits for a while now.

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