25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight B - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 11:50


12:42: Blinds going up.

12:40: One player is off to a great start. Just kidding, that's just what one of our dealers has been building at an empty table while he's waiting for some more players to arrive. 30 playing now.

12:35: The players on Table 2 including Scott Brown (second from left) who recently finished 3rd at GUKPT Edinburgh for £11,900.

12:34: Hungry? Order something quick from the special 25/25 menu:

12:33: Here are the players on Table 4:

12:31: Edinburgh's Wilie Paxton is taking a shot too. Here he is talking tactics with Scott Finlayson who has made it to Day 2 already from Flight A last night.

12:27: Scottish tournament stalwart John Angus (in the middle) is present with one of his trademark shirts. He knows how to cash!

12:25: Proud Dundonian Ronnie Angus off to a bad start. He said he lost a quarter of his stack already with KK.

12:15: Zahir Ibrahim also joining us for another 25/25 Series event. 27 players now.

12:13: The card room seems a lot quieter than last night. This could be due to Alex Ferguson leaving the premises. He had been regailing the other £1/2 NL players with plenty of stories for quite a while when I left at 3am.

12:12: Edinburgh 25/25 leg winner from Season 1 Ewan Brown has joined us for Flight B today:

12:11: Up to 25 now. £21,000 in the prize pool so the guarantee shouldn't take too long to break.

12:09: The rumours that Dan Bilzerian is playing the 25/25 Aberdeen may or may NOT be true.

12:03: Flight B has commenced! Started with 17 but now up to 20.

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