25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 0:16


00:56: Players going on the last break of the day now. After we come back there are just 2 x 40 minute levels left to play then the chips get bagged up for Day 2 on Sunday.

00:50: Connor Walsh out. 32 left now.

00:49: Grant Cooper has been adding to his stack in the last couple of levels:

00:47: Jonathan McRitchie on Table 4 opting for the One Tower stacking technique:

00:46: Carolyn Gray taking one down:

00:34: Nehme Al Asmar out. He got it all in preflop with TT vs Scott Finlayson's AA. Staff have just broken this table and we're down to 34 players over 4 tables. Average 57.4k.

00:31: Andrew Guild opened for 2.4k and Scott Finlayson 3bet all in for what looked like 25k. Andrew folded, showing TT. Scott looked surprised to see the laydown but didn't show what he had.

00:23: Scott Finlayson just had to fold on the flop for not too much more after raising his opponent. Scott had opened for 2.4k UTG and got 1 caller from the SB (Amit Patni). On the AQJ flop Amit bet 3k into Scott who raised it to 6k. Amit then jammed all in for about 14k total and Scott had to fold for the 8k more.

00:17: Blinds now 500/1000 with a 100 ante. 38 players left from 78 at the start of the flight. Average stack is 51,300.

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