25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight A - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th May 2014 @ 1:50


02:40: Flight A complete. I will add the full chip counts later on as soon as they are ready. May be in the next hour or so. See you tomorrow at 12pm for Flight B!

02:34: We have 22 players left now from 78. Just a few more hands to go.

02:26: Clock paused with with 8 minutes left and a random number of hands (3, 4 or 5) to play is chosen by a player picking a card. This time 5 was chosen so we're playing 5 more hands tonight.

02:22: 23 left now. Only 11 minutes left to go.

02:21 The rich get richer. Another pot for Craig Smith, this time with a River raise which isn't called.

02:12: Blogger's Eye View of the action:

02:08: A big 3-way pot there for Jonathan McRitchie after he hit a set with QQ on a Queen High board vs AA and KQ.

02:04: A much-needed pot there for Paddy Doonan (Seat 9) after he 3bet preflop and bet the flop:

01:53: Blinds up! This is the last 40 minute level of the night. We've just gone down to 3 tables of 9 so 27 left from the 78 that started.

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