25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th May 2014 @ 23:23


00:17: Blinds up.

00:14: Stuart Wilson continuing to build.

00:12: Double up for Simon Yates with 99 vs AK all in preflop. He didn't have much but is at least back on track now.

00:11: At least someone's having a good time. Grant Cooper on Table 3:

00:04: Michael MacKenzie's stack looks like it has increased a bit more since the last count:

23:55: Lovely food here at the G Casino Aberdeen. Here is Wayne Cumming's dinner:

They also have a few food promotions on during May. They are offering 2 pizzas for £9.90, Burger, Beer & a bet to win £5 for just £8.50, and on Sundays between 11am-6pm 2 x Full English Breakfasts for £8, or 2 x Big Breakfasts for £10.

23:54: Down to 45 players now on 5 tables.

23:50: Paddy Doonan from Edinburgh, one of the biggest stacks in the room at the moment.

23:49: Ian Morrison (arms folded dude) out. He lost to a back door straight after getting all in on the flop with top pair.

23:40: Players back in action. Here is a selection of chip counts from around the room. They are very approximate and may not include all the biggest stacks:

Boaby Jardine 100k
Paddy Doonan 100k
Keiran Laidler 95k
Connor Walsh 82k
Michael MacKenzie 80k
Daniel Anderson 70k
Chris Wilson 68k
Paul Chew 65k
Craig Smith 63k
Gary Whyte 59k
Stuart Wilson 54k
Jamie Geraghty 51k
Carolyn Gray 50k
Wayne Cumming 46k
Wayne Shinnie 42k

23:25: Players on a break. Working on the chip counts.

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