25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight A - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th May 2014 @ 22:40


23:20: Players on a break now.

23:05: Got a few black 25k chips in play now:

23:03: Looks like Boaby Jardine has been accumulating some chips since I last checked in on him:

22:57: Another break in 23 minutes then I'll try to get some chip counts from around the room. Comment if there's anyone in particular you'd like to hear about.

22:49: Full £1/2 NL cash game running here with such notables as Alex Ferguson (not that one).

22:44: Roy Rimmer helpfully pointing out that Jamie Scott Low is now out:

22:41: Sam Ancell and Neil Khir involved in a heads up pot on Table 6. They both checked the River and Neil took it down with KK on an all low board.

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