25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th May 2014 @ 21:06


22:00: Blinds up.

21:59: On Table 6 three players limp for 300 and Nehme Al Asmar (pictured with the striped top below) makes it 1,600. It folds back to the player that limped UTG (Jamie Geraghty) and he 3bet to 3,600. All fold apart from Nehme who calls to see the flop. It comes down Kh7c7s and Jamie continues for 4,800. Nehe shoves all in and takes it down. He shows a King to the table.

21:52: Sounds like the Meat Loaf tribute act has started!

21:51: Chris Wilson from Edinburgh doing well so far:

21:48: Neil Khir and Jamie Geraghty on Table 6 involved in a pot:

21:47: Table 8 breaking up. Down to 63 players now.

21:41: Stuart Wilson and his coach checking out the prize pool on the big screen:

21:38: The boys on Table 1 all carefully considering the flop:

21:35: Craig Smith's Edinburgh teammates try to persuade him to bust quickly and come to the pub:

21:34: Janet Wilson out.

21:33: Jamie Scott Low off to a good start:

21:28: Final count for Flight A is 78 so we have £15,600 in the prize pool already with 2 flights to go tomorrow.

21:17: Players back. Here we go! Blinds now 150/300 and we now have a running ante of 25.

21:10: The Twitter Wall here in the card room is going well:

21:06: Players now on a break. Back soon.

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