25/25 Series Aberdeen - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th May 2014 @ 18:35


19:45: Blinds up!

19:43: Here is Table 6 in action at the end of Level 1 with Asipauskas Rokas, Leslie Sim, Nehme Al Asmar, Mark Eadie, Scott Finlayson, Benas Leonavicius, Neil Khir and Jamie Geraghty (in sequential order from Seat 1):

19:33: We have 61 players so far in Flight A. Still plenty of time to get involved plus another 2 flights tomorrow. £25,000 is guaranteed but that should easily be smashed.

19:30: Double up for Stuart Wilson (Seat 5 in the cap) vs Philip Manson on the action table. They got all in on the flop where both had trip Queens. Stuart's kicker was better and it held to the River.

19:26: First elimination in the tournament is  on Table 7 and it's Andrew Gray (Seat 3) from the previous hand I just reported on! He went down with AA vs Philip Manson's 6d2d (Seat 2). I didn't catch all the action but Philip called Andrew's Turn shove when he had made a Flush. Andrew had the Ad but didn't improve and was sent to the rail.

19:22: On Table 7 Stuart Wilson opens for 375 UTG at 50/100 which is called by Erik Gronborg and Philip Manson on the button. Andrew Gray (in the small blind) then 3bets to 2,550. Stuart folds but Erik and Philip both call. The Flop comes down 7d3h2h and Andrew open shoves all in! No callers and the takes it down.

19:15: An early pot for Philip Manson (Seat 2) on Table 7. Erik Gronborg (Seat 6) had bet 3,100 on the River which Philip check/called. Erik immediately mucked face down after the call and Philip won, showing AJ for top pair.

19:11: Stuart Cooper is on Table 8 with reigning Aberdeen 25/25 Champ Boaby Jardine:

19:10: Here are the chip denominations in play so far:

19:08: We have started!

18:58: Here are the players starting Flight A tonight:

18:46: Just in case you get knocked out early we have a Meatloaf tribute tonight, and tomorrow a local band called The Drift (http://www.thedriftband.com). Both should be on from 10pm till around midnight.

18:40: The card room here at G Casino Aberdeen has a bar inside it! Very handy.

18:36: We'll be shuffling up in 25 minutes or so here in Aberdeen, at 7pm.

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