25/25 Series Merchant City Summary

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th March 2014 @ 0:45


Another amazing 25/25 Series event here at the Merchant City Casino in Glasgow. We had 212 players competing for £42,400 and ended up with Dean Lyall as our champion. He took home a whopping £12,000 for the win.

Here are all the prize winners:

1st £12,000 Dean Lyall
2nd £8,100 David Gillies
3rd £5,150 Robert Knight
4th £3,100 Gordon Wood
5th £2,350 Alan Wilder
6th £1,900 Keith Christie
7th £1,450 Marco Ogan
8th £1,200 GK Kamal
9th £850 Bernie Breem
10th £700 George Whyte
11th £650 Sandy Barr
12th £650 Rejus Zemaitis
13th £550 Tony Chataroo
14th £550 Janice McLean
15th £400 Paul Gupta
16th £400 Andy Lee
17th £400 Paul Fallon
18th £400 Paul Kerr
19th £400 Paul Sylvia
20th £400 Euan Swan
21st £400 Jordan Nelson
22nd £400 Chris Martin

Our next leg is in Aberdeen from 16-18th May 2014. Hope to see you all there!

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