25/25 Series Merchant City - Final Table - Level 24 (20k/40k/4k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 17th March 2014 @ 0:00


00:33: We have a winner and it's Dean Lyall! TT vs KQ all in the last hand and it held up.

00:29: Dean makes it 80k. David 3bets to 240k. Dean moves all in. David calls....

00:28: David folds his next button too.

00:28: David folds his button. Dean folds his.

00:27: Dean opens for 80k. David 3bets and wins.

00:26: David opens for 80k. Dean calls. Flop had 3 cards on it. Check/Check. The Turn was 5c. Dean bet and David folded.

00:25: Dean opens for 80k. David 3bets and wins.

00:22: Isn't heads up fun?

00:20: Updated counts after that big pot:

David Gillies 1566k
Dean Lyall 3734k

00:19: It's AK for Dean vs AQ for David. The AK holds and Dean is back in control. He started the hand with 1867k.

00:17: Dean opens to 80k. David 3bets to 250k. Dean 4bets to 560k. David moves all in. Called.....

00:15: David opens his button to 95k. Dean calls. Flop 8c 6c 3c. Dean checks. David bets about 275k. Dean folds. Just ducking and diving recently. No big pots.

00:13: Dean opens his next button to 80k and David calls. He wins it with a flop bet.

00:13: Dean opens to 80k and David folds.

00:12: David makes it 80k on the button. Dean calls. Flop Qc 7s 5h. David c-bets and takes it.

00:11: Dean makes it 80k from his. David folds.

00:11: David folds his button again.

00:10: Dean makes it 80 from the button. David calls. Flop Th 6s 5h. Check/Check. Turn Kc. David checks. Dean checks. River 5s. David checks. Dean checks. Dean shows Q3 and wins with Queen High vs 98o.

00:10: David folds his button! 3 button folds in a row.

00:09: Dean's turn to fold his button this time.

00:08: David folds his button again.

00:07: Deans opens the button to 80k. David 3bets to 180k. Dean calls. Flop Ad Ts 2d. David bets 325k and Dean folds.

00:06: David fold his button. Dean shows AJ.

00:05: Dean opens the button for 80k. David calls. David leads the KT6 flop and takes it.

00:04: Updated counts:

David Gillies 3378k
Dean Lyall 1922k

00:02: Another dramatic one! Dean 3bet all in preflop with 66. David called with KJ. The Flop came Jack High but Dean rivered a set to double up!

00:01: Blinds now 20k/40k. No antes heads up. Latest counts:

David Gillies 4450k
Dean Lyall 850k

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