25/25 Series Merchant City - Final Table - Level 23 (15k/30k/3k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 23:06


00:00: New counts...

David Gillies 4450k
Dean Lyall 850k

23:58: David had 2225k so he now has most of the chips in play and Dean will be short!

23:56: Holy shit! They just got it all in with AA (Dean) and David (99). David spiked a 9 to get a huge double up! The game is back on.

23:55: Big pot here preflop. Deen has 4bet to 350k. David has in 155k already. David shoves all in. Dean calls....

23:54: Here's a reminder of all the prize winners so far:

1st £12,000
2nd £8,100
3rd £5,150 Robert Knight
4th £3,100 Gordon Wood
5th £2,350 Alan Wilder
6th £1,900 Keith Christie
7th £1,450 Marco Ogan
8th £1,200 GK Kamal
9th £850 Bernie Breem
10th £700 George Whyte
11th £650 Sandy Barr
12th £650 Rejus Zemaitis
13th £550 Tony Chataroo
14th £550 Janice McLean
15th £400 Paul Gupta
16th £400 Andy Lee
17th £400 Paul Fallon
18th £400 Paul Kerr
19th £400 Paul Sylvia
20th £400 Euan Swan
21st £400 Jordan Nelson
22nd £400 Chris Martin

Total £42,400

23:52: Oooooh, they brought the £20k prize money out!

23:50: David opens to 65k, Dean 3bets to 165k, David then 4bets to abour 400k. Dean folds and David shows QQ.

23:48: There is 176bb in play between the 2 of them now. This could take a while...

23:43: Dean Lyall and David Gillies, our last 2 players from the 212 that started 2 days ago! They have £8,100 locked up and are playing heads up for an extra £3,900 and the lovely trophy.

23:42: Here is the heads up battle in progress:

23:38: First blood to David. Wins a few hundred thousand from Dean.

23:37: Nothing agreed. Here we go.

23:34: Heads up negotiation in progress...

23:32: On a quick 5 minute break before heads up commences. Here are the counts:

David Gillies 1770k
Dean Lyall 3530k

23:30: Next hand we lose Robert Knight. His chips go to Dean again. Robert Knight 3rd for £5,150. Fast and furious.

23:28: Just lost Gordon Wood in 4th for £3,100! He shoved all in with AT and was called by Dean's 88. Dean hit a set and took Gordon out.

23:27: Counts now about....

David Gillies 1700k
Gordon Wood 350k
Robert Knight 200k
Dean Lyall 3000k

23:26: Big hand there and David has doubled up through Robert. It was a flush on the Turn vs top pair that didn't improve.

23:23: David shoved all in a couple of times the last few hands and won the blinds.

23:20: These are the EXTREMELY rough counts based on my eye-balling their stacks. Very hard to count with the 50k and 25k chips all stacked unevenly.

David Gillies 900k
Gordon Wood 350k
Robert Knight 1150k
Dean Lyall 2900k

23:16: Dean has taken a monster lead now. Gordon open shoves the next hand for about 305k. Wins. Shows KK!

23:13: Gordon opens the button to 75k. Dean calls from the BB. Another battle. Flop 6h 5c 2h. Dean checks and Gordon bets 80k. Dean calls. Turn 9s. Dean bets 55k now. gordon makes it 110k. Dean calls. River 7c. Dean bets 320k. gordon calls. Dean shows A8 for the Rivered Straight and it's good.

23:11: David suggests another deal to Dean. Didn't catch the details but it was rejected and we play on.

23:08: Dean opens to 60k from the button. Gordon calls from the BB. Familar pattern here. Flop Jc 9d 4s. Gordon leads for 50k. Dean makes it 200k. Gordon quickly calls. Turn 6h. Gordon checks. Dean bets 350k. Gordon folds showing QsTs for the open-ended straight draw. It's the DeanoSupremo Show now at the FT. Here is his live tournament record but he's mainly an online player --> http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=111134

23:06: David Gillies now offering Dean £9.5k on behalf of the others. He is really to do some kind of deal here it seems.

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