25/25 Series Merchant City - Final Table - Level 22 (12k/24k/2k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 21:59


23:04: Robert makes it 112k from the SB. Dean calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop Ac Ts 3c. Robert c-bets 200k. Dean calls. Turn 7c. Robert checks. Dean bets 280k. Robert says he didn't like that last card and folds.

23:02: David open shoves all in from the button for almost 1 million and takes the blinds.

23:00: Robert opens UTG to 50k. Gordon calls from the BB. He checked in the dark. Flkop Kc 4c 2c. Robert bets 100k. Gordon folding show JsTs. He said he wasn't sure if they were Clubs or Spades so he checked again on the Flop before folding.

22:59: Gordon opens to 75k and takes down the blinds.

22:58: Gordon opens the button for 55k. Robert 3bets from the SB to 110k. Gordon folds.

22:57: Nothing agreed. Next hand...

22:55: David Gillies suggesting a deal of £9k for Dean, £7k each for the other 2 and £6k for himself. Dean says he'd take £9k if they keep some over to play for in 1st place.

22:53: Dean opens the button to 50k. Gordon calls again from the BB. Flop Ks 9h 9d. Gordon bets 50k into Dean's face (not literally). Dean calls. Turn 4d. Check/Check. River Qh. Gordon bets 100k. Dean calls. Gordon shows JT for the Rivered Straight.

22:45: Dean opens the button for 50k. Gordon Calls from the BB. Flop 9d 8c 7h. Check/Check. Turn Qs. Check/Check. River 8c. Gordon bets 50k. Dean calls. Gordon shows T8 for the win.

22:43: Gordon opens the button to 60k. Dean calls from the BB. Flop 8d 5h 2h. Check/Check. Turn 3c. Check/Check. River Kd. Dean bets 36k. Gordon calls and shows KT which is good.

22:40: Gordon opens from the SB. Robert 3bets to 212k from the BB. Gordon calls. Flop Kh Kd 3c. Gordon checks and Robert shoves all in. Robert wins and shows JJ. Gordon also shows JJ!

22:38: After some interesting discussions nothing has been agreed! Cards are back in the air.

22:34: The deal negotiation is back on! Clock stopped 4-handed while the check the stacks and try to reach an agreement. They are playing for £28,350 between them.

22:38: Gordon opens for 55k. Robert 3bets to 110k in position. Alan ships all in from the BB for quite a bit (600k). Gordon folds and Robert calls with QQ. Alan has JJ. Robert hits a full house to knock Alan out in 5th for £2,350.

22:27: Dean raises from the SB and takes Alan's BB.

22:25: More talk of a deal from some of the players. Dean not keen though. The remaing prize pool left to play for is £30,700.

22:24: A very civilised Blind vs Blind battle between Gordon and Robert. They checked it all the way.

22:23: Remaining prizes. £2,350 locked up for the 5 remaining combatants.

1st £12,000
2nd £8,100
3rd £5,150
4th £3,100
5th £2,350

22:21: Robert leading the negotiations for some kind of deal but nothing agreed.

22:19: Keith shoves all in 236k next hand with 66 and is called by Dean with AJ. Dean hits 3 Jacks and eliminates Keith in 6th for £1,900.

22:15: Average stack now 883k. Keith opens for 63k UTG+1. Robert calls from the BB. Heads up to the Flop of 5d c4 3d.  Keith check/raises Robert's 75k bet all in. Robert calls for his last 200k or so. It's Robert's 99 vs Keith's Q6. The 9s hold and Robert doubles up.

22:12: Players back and we're off!

22:02: Here are the latest approx chip counts:

1 -
2 Keith Christie 600k
3 -
4 Alan Wilder 620k
5 David Gillies 1100k
6 Gordon Wood 1070k
7 Robert Knight 350k
8 Dean Lyall 1600k
9 -

22:00: 15 minute break. Chip counts coming soon. Remaining prizes:

1st £12,000
2nd £8,100
3rd £5,150
4th £3,100
5th £2,350
6th £1,900

16th March 2014 @ 22:39
Whats the Chip Counts
16th March 2014 @ 22:40
Pretty approx at... David Gillies 1100k Gordon Wood 1100k Robert Knight 1400k Dean Lyall 1800k
16th March 2014 @ 23:01
What's the latest chip count?
16th March 2014 @ 23:03
Similar to above. Not much change. No big pots.
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