25/25 Series Merchant City - Final Table - Level 20 Part II (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 20:20


21:08: Blinds going up!

21:04: Dean opens to 32k from UTG+1 and Bernie shoved all in for 350-400k. Dean made the easy call with AA and held up vs Bernie's 99. We are down to 8 players! Bernie 9th for £850.

21:02: Robert Knight open shoves all in from UTG+1 and...........gets it through.

21:01: Here are the prizes for our remaining 9 players. They have £850 locked up already.

1st £12,000
2nd £8,100
3rd £5,150
4th £3,100
5th £2,350
6th £1,900
7th £1,450
8th £1,200
9th £850

21:00: Gordon opens to 35k from UTG+1. No callers! A cagey start to the FT.

20:59: David Gillies opens UTG+1 and takes down the blinds.

20:57: The Shady Boys in Seats 2 & 3. Keith and GK.

20:56: GK open shoves UTG for 305k. Also gets it through.

20:53: Keith opens for 35k UTG and gets it through.

20:51: Bernie Breem open shoves all in from UTG. He started the FT with 450k. He now has 393k. No one calls.

20:49: Here is the starting FT with stack sizes:

20:45: GK opens the button for 35k and Alan shoves all in for what must be about 250k now. He gets it through.

20:43: Marco opens for 46k, called by Keith on the button then Alan shoves all in for 79k. Both the others call and check it down all the way. Alan shows AQ and gets a full treble up with a pair of Aces.

20:42: The 9 players just before starting the FT:

20:33: Here are the final table chip counts:

1 Bernie Breem 450k
2 Keith Christie 1100k
3 GK Kamal 380k
4 Alan Wilder 85k
5 David Gillies480k
6 Gordon Wood 500k
7 Robert Knight 230k
8 Dean Lyall 1570k
9 Marco Ogan 550k

20:21: We are on a break now before the FT commences.

16th March 2014 @ 20:38
Can we get Photo's of each player.
16th March 2014 @ 20:59
Working on it but will do over time as FT progresses.
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