25/25 Series Merchant City - Day 2 - Level 21 (10k/20k/2k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 21:09


21:58: 15 minute break.

21:53: Robert opens for 40k in the cutoff. Alan calls from the BB. Robert's 65k cbet is good enough to take it.

21:52: Gordon opens 45k from the cutoff. Keith calls from the BB. Flop Jh Tc 6d. Keith leads into Gordon for 60k. Gordon folds showing Ad4d. Keith shows a Six as he drags in the pot.

21:49: Gordon opens for 43k on the button. Robert calls from the SB as does Dean from the BB. A 3-way pot; what a novelty. Flop Ac 8s 5c. Checked to Gordon and he bets 45k. It's good enough and he takes it down. He shows AT.

21:48: Players agreed an early break after this level so we'll get some updated chip counts in 10 minutes or so.

21:40: Dean opens for 40k on the button. Alan calls from the BB. Flop 8s 3s 2d. Check/Check. Turn Kc. Alan checks and Dean bets 35k. Alan makes the call. River Ah. Alan checks again. Dean bets 65k. Alan check/raises ALL IN! It looks like about 260k total so just under 200k more for Dean. He is thinking it over for a good while here......and CALLS. Alan shows 5d4d for the straight and wins.

21:39: Alan opens for 55k. David shoves all in for lots! He has Alan covered but I think Alan has a good 350-400k behind. Alan folds and David shows AK.

21:38: Here is Gordon Wood at the FT a little earlier:

21:36: All players guaranteed £1,900 now. Keith opens to 50k, Alan calls then Robert shoves all in from the SB. It is about 250k. Keith folds quickly. Alan thinks it over for quite a bit longer but also folds.

21:34: David opens for 45k on the button. Robert calls from the BB. Flop Kh Jd 6c. Robert checks, David bets 65k which wins the pot.

21:33: Robert Knight opens to 70k UTG. Takes it down. He shows 55.

21:31: Alan Wilder wins SB vs David Gillies in the BB. He made it 65k which was enough to get David to fold.

21:30: Gordon opens to 45k again, from the Hijack this time. He takes down the blinds and antes.

21:29: Gordon opens to 45k in the cutoff, Dean 3bets to 105k from the SB and Gordon lets it go.

21:28: Down to 6 players now from the 212 that started on Friday night.

1 -
2 Keith Christie
3 -
4 Alan Wilder
5 David Gillies
6 Gordon Wood
7 Robert Knight
8 Dean Lyall
9 -

21:27: Here are the finishers so far today and the remaining prizes:

1st £12,000
2nd £8,100
3rd £5,150
4th £3,100
5th £2,350
6th £1,900
7th £1,450 Marco Ogan
8th £1,200 GK Kamal
9th £850 Bernie Breem
10th £700 George Whyte
11th £650 Sandy Barr
12th £650 Rejus Zemaitis
13th £550 Tony Chataroo
14th £550 Janice McLean
15th £400 Paul Gupta
16th £400 Andy Lee
17th £400 Paul Fallon
18th £400 Paul Kerr
19th £400 Paul Sylvia
20th £400 Euan Swan
21st £400 Jordan Nelson
22nd £400 Chris Martin

21:21: Wow! Marco out next hand with AK all in preflop vs Gordon's Aces. Marco Ogan 7th for £1,450.

21:20: Dropping fast! GK also out, in 8th for £1,200. Struggling to keep up with all the action.

21:16: Robert Knight shoves all in for 141k and is called by GK with KJ. Robert has AA and doubles up.

21:15: Big double up for David Gillies (had around 450k) vs Keith Christie. David had AK vs Ah3h and they got the money all in on a low board with 2 Hearts and a Gutshot. I think David just over-shoved the Flop and Keith called with the big draw and bircked.

21:10: Blinds now 10k/20k with a 2k ante.

16th March 2014 @ 21:23
James McCallum
Come on David !!!
16th March 2014 @ 21:32
Payout structure looks bizarre
16th March 2014 @ 21:34
No comment. I just take the pics.
16th March 2014 @ 21:38
Gogsy Boy
Cmon Gordie, take it down for Fife
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