25/25 Series Merchant City - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 16:49


17:58: Bubble burst! Marc Leishman, our recent Dundee leg winner, goes out in 23rd place for £0! The remaining players are in the money for £400. Going on a break now.

17:51: Marc Leisham crippled. He lost 77 to QQ all in preflop.

17:45: Keith Christie has less actual chips but they total to about 500k which is well up there. We have 5.3 million in play overall.

17:44: Dean Lyall has a rather large wall of chips:

17:40: 2 more all ins and calls on different tables and again the 2 shorties survive!

17:37: All ins and calls on 2 tables there on the same hand but one is a chop and the other sees the shortie double up. On to the next hand...

17:33: That's 2 blind levels now on the bubble and the decision has been taken to pause the clock here and continue the bubble at 5k/10k/1k till it bursts.

17:30: Still 23 and going slowly on the bubble here. Average stack 230k. Full chip counts coming after the bubble bursts and players go for a break.

17:24: Another all in and call on Table 3 but Paul Kerr's AQ gets there vs Dean Lyall's TT all in preflop. Looks like Paul had just over 200k to start the hand.

17:21: Double up for super short stack Chris Martin with A6 vs 73. Another loss for Gordon Wood but a pretty small one.

17:18: Keith Christie proposing taking £200 from 1st and £200 from 2nd to pay the bubble £400. His table agreed but Dean Lyall, on one of the other tables, quickly put a stop to the negotiations by saying he was not interested.

17:12: All in and a call there but the shortie (Marco Ogan) doubled up vs Gordon Wood. KK vs TT.

17:00: I think these are our remaining 23 players on the bubble. It may not be 100% accurate but will confirm at next break. Chip counts coming at next break after the bubble bursts.

Table 1
1 Tony Chataroo
2 -
3 Janice McLean
4 Rejus Zemaitis
5 Paul Fallon
6 -
7 George Whyte
8 Keith Christie
9 Bernie Breem

Table 2
1 GK Kamal
2 Robert Knight
3 Marc Leishman
4 -
5 Sandy Barr
6 David Gillis
7 Andy Lee
8 Paul Gupta
9 Euan Swan

Table 3
1 Jordan Nelson
2 Marco Ogan
3 Gordon Wood
4 Chris Martin
5 -
6 Alan Wilder
7 Paul Kerr
8 Paul Sylvia
9 Dean Lyall

16:57: Bit of excitement there with an all in and a call on Table 1. However, it turned out to be QQ vs QQ and resulted in a chop!

16:49: On the bubble here with 23 left. 22 paid. Playing on through the break until we get in the money. Average stack 230k.

16th March 2014 @ 17:33
Well done Deano
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