Here are the 21 players that made Day 2 from Flight C tonight. See you all at 12pm tomorrow. Time for bed!

Andrew White 197700
Steven Saunderson 135400
Mark Dolan 135100
Lloyd Jack 116000
Graham Wiliams 105000
Jordan Craig 91800
David Alexander 91500
Ian Morrison 74400
Andrew Hutcheon 61100
Nehme Al Asmar 52700
Lee Richards 52000
Nicholas Law 44100
Leslie Clark 42900
Shaun Rutter 42700
Alisdair Macrae 42200
Peter Lewtas 42000
Russell Jardine 40100
Istvan Magyar 37500
Muhibur Rahman 36600
Abdul Alhafez 35700
Steven Lynch 14900

25/25 Series Merchant City - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 15:16


16:00: Blinds going up.

15:58: Euan Swan opens for 12k in the Hijack and GK moves all in from the Cutoff for what loks like 80-85k. Euan gives it up. Robert Knight says after the hand that he folded JJ on the button.

15:54: And here is the rather dapper Bernie Breem:

15:53: Here is Keith Christie on Table 1 with a nice stack now:

15:50: Marco Ogan opens for 19k. Andy Lee 3bets to 47.2k in position. Marco calls to take the flop which comes As Ks 9h. Marco checks. Andy bets about 50k and Marco quickly folds. Andy seems to be running over this table at the moment.

15:47: Adam Jackson out with QQ vs KJ all in on a Jack High flop. His opponent, Keith Christie, Rivered another Jack for the win.

15:46: GK opens for 13k and Marc Leishman 3bets to 30k in position. GK gets away from it.

15:45: 30 players left now. Average stack 177k.

15:44: Euan Swan open shoves all in for about 68k with TT. He is called by Andy Lee in the BB with 88 and holds up. Double up for Euan.

15:43: Jamie Duffy out AK vs 88.

15:32: Andy Lee opens to 12k from UTG+1. Marco Ogan 3bets to 32k from the SB. Jamie Duffy folds. Both Andy and Marco have a lot of chips behind. Andy thinks it over then 4bets to 56k total. Marco gets out of his chair and has a close look at Andy's bet and stack. He has taken his shades off too! Marco makes the call. The Flop comes Tc8h4d and Marco leads into Andy for 45k. Andy move all in for a lot and he has Marco covered. Marco has about 180k behind. Marco folds after thinking it over. Andy shows Ac8c for middle pair and Marco is shocked. Looks like he folded the best hand.

15:30: Focussing on Table 2 for a bit here. Euan Swan opens to 12k from the cutoff. Marc Leishman calls from the BB for heads up. Flop comes 9s8c7s and it's check/check. Turn 2d. Marc bets 9.5k which Euan calls. River 3c. Marc bets 12.5k. Euan lays it down.

15:27: Next hand Andy Lee opens to 12k from the Hijack and also gets that through.

15:27: On Table 2 at 3k/6k/600 Paul Gupta opens to 26.1k on the button and gets it through.

15:25: Chris Martin not doing so well. He started today with 49k and now has about 63k but that's just about 10bb. Short stack spin up required.

15:24: Dean Lyall adding more chips to his stack:

15:18: Fifers Gordon Wood and Barry McQueen sitting next to each other again as they were in their starting flight. Gordon started today with 171k and now has 120k. Barry started with 71k and has about 65k now.

15:16: Blinds now 3k/6k with a 600 ante. Not cheap any more.

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