25/25 Series Merchant City - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 6:28


14:15: Players on a 15 minute break now.

14:13: Rejus Zemaitis on Table 4 is doing a bit of Origami. That's not a crap joke about him folding a lot either; he actually is making a flower out of a bit of scrap paper! Maybe he's got his eye on one of the dealers and plans to give it to her as a gift...

14:11: I asked Mark Dolan to give me a smile and this was the result. He started today with 78,200 but looks like he's down to less than 30k now.

14:07: Robert Knight started today with 53,200 and has improved on that so far:

14:06: Looks like our chip leader from the start of the day, GK, has taken a few hits:

14:03: We have a £30 entry GUKPT satellite on here at 3pm today. 2 x £550 seats are guaranteed. Likely to be a nice overlay I think so worth coming down. You are allowed 1 x £30 top-up.

14:02: About 15 minutes left until the first break.

14:00: Dean Lyall started today with 89,600 and has been building on that so far:

14:58: Sonia Semaan out with KK vs JJ. Steven Turner hit a Set on the flop and took it down.

13:49: On Table 1 Keith Christie opens for 10k, Kasim Khan calls and Mantas Andresiunas moves all in for for less. Flop Th 4c 4d. Check/Check. Turn 5h. Keith check/calls a 10k bet from Kasim. River 5s. Keith checks and Kasim bets 20k. Keith folds. Kasim shows Ah4h and takes it down with a full house. Mantas Andresiunas has been knocked out.

13:47: Keith Christe just doubled up there with TT vs AK. He started the hand with 81k.

13:46: Dean Lyall takes down a chunky pot with King High vs George Whyte.

13:44: Ronnie Angus and Hay Elbakoush. Both now on the rail.

13:42: Joe Hamilton, Sonia Semaan and Stewart Davie a bit earlier on:

13:41: Thomas Ward has brought his special glasses back for Day 2:

13:38: Paul "Black Flash" Gupta under cover here on Day 2. He started with 73k and looks to be up to around 130k now. He is also another one following the live blog while be plays.

13:36: Ronnie Angus out. Down to 45 players on 5 tables now.

13:29: Marco Ogan was caught sleeping during the last 15-minute break last night but he's wide awake today and having fun.

13:31: John McLeish out too.

16th March 2014 @ 14:29
andy mackenzie
great coverage martin good job
16th March 2014 @ 14:39
Cheers Andy
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