25/25 Series Merchant City - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 5:44


13:30: Blinds going up.

13:27: Robert Gritffiths getting a bit short and seems to be all in frequently on Table 1. He just got his last shove through after a raise and call in front of him. He showed AK.

13:25: David Shaw and Steven O'Hara out.

13:23: Here are Marco Ogan, Jamie Duffy and Peter Stephen on Table 2:

13:20: 50 players left from 68 at the start of today.

13:19: Here is Marco Ogan's stack now:

13:15: Edinburgh-based Stephen Ng out! The table tells me Marco Ogan opened to a rather large 17k and Stephen shoved all in for about 87k. Marco thought it over then called with QQ. Stephen had JJ and couldn't improve.

13:14: Hay Elbakoush and Peter Bond out. Peter started the day with 20500 but didn't show up and just got blinded away!

13:13: Dundee leg Champ Marc Leishman, Andy Lee and David Blacklaw at Table 5:

13:12: Here is Edinburgh player Jamie Duffy on Table 2:

13:11: Dean Lyall finally arrived at the start of the level.

13:10: The view of 3 of our last 6 tables:

13:04: Maj Iqbal out. He lost set under set to James McLean then lost of a race. 80k and 120k pots respectively so sounds like he was pretty unlucky.

13:01: Another table breaking. Down to 6 tables of 9 so 54 players.

13:00: Jamie Heffernan out.

12:51: Jack Loughlin out.

12:50: Double up for Scott Morrison. He had KK all in preflop vs Brian O'Connor's AJ. Scott started the hand with about 32k.

12:49: Treble up for  Alan Wilder on Table 3. He had JJ vs 66 vs another Ace High hand and took it down with a Set of Jacks.

12:47: There are now 56 players left. Lost 12 today in the first level. Still a long way to the cash prizes which start at 22nd.

12:46: Hope you are enjoying the blog. Will be with you right through to the conclusion late tonight. Some of the players still involved also enjoy keeping an eye it on by the looks of it.

12:45: Blinds up.

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