25/25 Series Merchant City - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 16th March 2014 @ 4:54


12:43: Blinds going up.

12:42: Jim Kynoch out.

12:37: Cash game superstar Jonny Gray out with 22 vs 55. Robert Knight sent him home.

12:34: David White out! Eliminated by Brian O'Connor. David got KK all in preflop vs Brian's QQ but a Queen hit the Flop to send David packing. Brian says he knew he was behind preflop but called because he had "previous" with White.

12:32: Big hit for Jonny Gray as he loses AK to QQ all in preflop vs Peter Stephen. Jonny down to 15k

12:31: Double up with AK vs JJ for Chris Martin (red hoodie).

12:30: Derek Gray out.

12:28: Dean Lyall running late and half way through Level 1 has not arrived yet!

12:28: Here is the chip leader at the start of today with 240k, Gajanthan "GK" Kamalanathan.

12:22: Sam Ancell out as is Bill Dimmer.

12:16: Started on 8 tables. Breaking one now so must be down to 63 or less players already.

12:15: James McIntyre and Walter Niven out as well!

12:13: Alexander Gouck out too.

12:11: Glasgow regular Jonny Lynas out too. Dropping fast here!

12:10: Gustavus Watt also out.

12:09: Sam Ancell just arrived a little late.

12:06: First exit of the day is Robert Gray. He just started with 26.1k (13bb) so had a lot of work to do.

11:57: Here are the chip counts and seat draw. 68 players remaining.

11:55: Getting ready to start here in Glasgow. Just 5 minutes to go.

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