25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 15th March 2014 @ 14:03


21:43: Players on a 15 minute break now. 210 players total right now and still till this end of this break to get in!

21:39: Got a prime suspect for the shoes...

21:35: Sam Ancell from Middlesbrough:

21:32: Players on this table talking about a hand from Flight A last night where a player tanked for what they said was 8 minutes on the flop with Middle Set which was the second nuts at the time. A clock was called and he only made the call with 1 second to spare. The Set was good vs the nut flush draw and he doubled up.

21:25: If anyone has lost a pair of black shoes please report to the poker desk!

21:13: Some excitement on Table 5 there. I didn't catch all the preflop action but Seat 9 was all in for 6.9k (which was an under-raise), Seat 5 had 2.5k already in and decided to call. Gareth McNeill on the button had made the last raise and already had over 6k in so could only call. Seat 5 had about 18k behind and he was playing a side pot with Gareth. The flop came down 994 with 2 Hearts and Seat 5 open-shoved all in for the 18k. Gareth called quickly with QQ but he was against 44 and a flopped full house! The other player all in for the smaller stack had AK and was eliminated. Gareth's stack took a big hit and he asked his opponent why he called, telling him that he had only played one hand all night.

21:05: Some pics fom around the room:

21:05: Blinds now 100/200.

15th March 2014 @ 21:36
David Blacklaw
Update on James Mclean Please.
15th March 2014 @ 21:52
He just stacked someone last hand before the break and looks like he has about 40k now.
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