25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 15th March 2014 @ 4:16


14:55: Blinds up.

14:42: Here are a few pics from around the room:

14:26: Craig Smith (in the blue) out on Table 7, eliminated by Andrew Kirkland on his left. Both had two pair but Andrew's was higher and held up when they got it all in on the Turn. Craig had flopped two pair and Andrew top pair but the Turn gave Andrew a lock on the hand.

14:22: Final count for Flight B is 66 so we have 153 in total so far in the event making a £30,600 prize pool. With another flight at 7.45pm tonight that will go even higher.

14:17: Players back. Will confirm the final count for Flight B and prize pool so far shortly.

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