25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 15th March 2014 @ 3:21


14:13: Edinburgh leg winner Ewan Brown on about 40k:

14:08: Chris Thomson doing better with his second entry:

14:07: Steven Rinaldi confirms the last crazy hand on twitter:

14:02: Players on a 15 minute break. 66 in at the moment but with the break left to get involved we could see a few more. Back soon.

13:54: Interesting one on Table 7 there. Sounds like Andrew Kirkland called a 9k shove by mistake with A5 thinking it was only 900. The original player all in was Chris Barclay with A4 I think. A third player (Steven Rinaldi) re-raised all in with AQ knowing that Kirkland didn't have a strong hand but he felt committed and called. So with AQ vs A5 vs A4 all in preflop it looked good for Steven Rinaldi. However, Kirkland sucked out when the board came with an Ace and a Five. He sent Barclay to the rail and took a big chunk from Steven Rinaldi.

13:51: First break in 10 mins.

13:49: David Gibson also out.

13:48: Edinburgh player Craig Smith paying us a visit at the Merchant City:

13:47: Todd Cairns out from Table 7.

13:45: Edinburgh leg runner up Chris Ferguson. He also won a UKIPT event in 2012 for £87,640 so has some good pedigree.

13:41: Online professional Andy Lee representing http://www.pokervip.com today.

13:35: John Angus has taken his jacket off to reveal today's shirt in all its glory:

13:29: Here are the 3 Donkmigos from Edinburgh (Craig Smith, Chris Ferguson and Euan Swan) lining up to register earlier:

13:28: Chris Thomson out! He got short, down to about 11k, and lost with JJ vs QQ all in preflop. He's off to re-enter though.

13:26: Big pot on Table 7 there with 77 all in preflop vs AK. Alfred Demaro was the victor:

13:22: Blinds up. 100/200.

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