25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight B - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 15th March 2014 @ 2:39


13:20: Blinds going up.

13:18: Further insight into the mind of Dundonian poker players from Chris Thomson:

13:16: We now have 59 entries for Flight B which makes 146 in total. Looking good.

13:14: Chris Thomson loses one but gets right back in the game:

13:11: Forfar Facebook Legend Ronnie Angus and Edinburgh's Andy McKenzie on Table 5:

13:07: Edinburgh player Stephen Ng with his trademark shades and Bose headphones:

13:05: Enrico Frattaroli from Dundee and Glasgow's Dean Cursley:

13:03: Fifer Gordon Wood giving us his best smile:

12:53: Local cash game organiser Chris Martin has arrived. He runs a Facebook group to help Glasgow players find the best cash games. Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glasgowcashgames. His cash game rival Willie Cheung affectionately calls him Sandy, apparently because when Willie puts him on tilt he often reloads for a Bag of Sand (a grand) or even several Bags.

12:50: New table just formed from a bunch of late entering players:

12:44: Up to 50 players now and more at the desk. The Edinburgh team of Stephen Ng, Craig Smith, Chris Ferguson, Euan Swan and Andy Lee have arrived but they are having a spot of breakfast before sitting down.

12:40: Now on Level 2, 75/150.

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