25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 15th March 2014 @ 11:46


19:33: Flight C starts in 10 minutes!

19:29: Flight B has ended! Here are the stacks of Gordon Wood (top) and GK Kamal (bottom).

19:24: We have about 20 players left. Just playing the last couple of hands now.

19:22: Another big pot for Woody. He had 2 players all in preflop holding AT against their Q9 and JT and managed to hold up! The pot was around 85k and he eliminated 2 players. He looks quite pleased with himself afterwards.

19:16: Correction to an earlier hand that Gordon Wood was involved in. He had A4 and beat AA. I had said that he hit a Four on the Flop then another on the Turn but he actually flopped Trip Fours.

19:10: Just about 15 minutes left for Flight B then I'll get the chip counts once they are ready.

18:49: This gentleman happy to take a pot down.

18:46: Shock and awe. AsQs vs JhTh all in preflop on Table 3 and the JT gets there.

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