25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 14th March 2014 @ 13:02


01:49: Blinds up! One more level to go tonight.

01:45: Poor Jamie Duffy (in the middle) just lost an extra 1.3k on the button after he called Marc Leishman's open but hadn't noticed another player shoving all in. He decided to forfeit the 2.5k he had put in and fold rather than call the extra and let Marc 4bet.

01:44: More chips for Marc Leishman; could he win back to back 25/25 Series Scotland legs? He had KQ here and won vs QJ, eliminating a player.

01:43: Some serious-looking players at Table 3:

01:42: Poker is such an easy game some people can play it in their sleep:

01:41: Neil Feenan also out on his 2nd bullet. 39 left now.

01:35: Paddy Doooooooonan out. Went down with 55 vs David Blacklaw's TT all in preflop.

01:26: Gareth McNeill opens to 2.6k, another player calls then Dean Lyall 3bets to 7.6k. Gareth folds but the other player now 4bet shoves all in. It's about another 10k to Dean and he doesn't look too keen but makes the call with QJ. He's against K9 but finds a Jack on the flop for the win.

01:12: Dundee stalwart Leon Sarandis out. His AA couldn't hold up vs Jack Loughlin's A8 all in preflop! Another Dundee player Penny Malik also out quite a bit earlier but I missed that one.

01:11: Still 46 remaining from 87 tonight in Flight A.

01:02: Here are a few big stacks from around the room. There are plenty of others in the 70-100k range but I'll get the full chip counts for you after the end of Level 10 when we finish up tonight.

Mark Leishman 120k
Rab Welsh 105k
Maj Iqbal 84k
Jack Loughlin 73k

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