25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 14th March 2014 @ 11:35


00:18: Blinds up.

00:17: Willie Cheung out. Short stack A8 vs 99 all in preflop didn't get there.

00:13: Who has the best cap?

00:10: Some players on Table 7. Local 2/5 PLO cash game legend Jonny Gray on the right. Apparently this is only his second visit to the Merchant City Casino though.

00:09: Man with cap moves all in.

00:08: "Crazy" Joe Hamilton from Dundee.

00:07: Jonny Lynas

00:05: Gareth McNeill in action:

23:54: Cameron Alavizadeh out too. He 4bet jammed 88 preflop and was called by QQ which held and cost Cameron most of his chips. He then shoved his short stack all in with QhTh and lost to 77.

23:53: 56 remaining from the 87 that started.

23:52: Gary Bertram out. All in preflop with AQ vs Gareth McNeill's 88.

23:47: Big hit to Rab Welsh's stack there. I didn't catch all the action but he had AA and called a huge flop shove from another player. He was against Kc4c (flush draw) but that player back-doored a straight to take it down. Looked like about a 40k hit to Rab's stack.

23:35: Players back from the break and ready to go.

15th March 2014 @ 0:01
Chip counts on big stacks?
15th March 2014 @ 0:17
I'll try at the next break.
15th March 2014 @ 1:17
Here are a few big stacks from around the room. There are plenty of others in the 70-100k range but I'll get the full chip counts for you after the end of Level 10 when we finish up tonight. Mark Leishman 120k Rab Welsh 105k Maj Iqbal 84k Jack Loughlin 73k
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