25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight A - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 14th March 2014 @ 10:06


22:40: A player opens for 2k after 1 limper and Marc Leishman 3bets to 5.4k. Rab Welsh then 4bets from the button to 10.2k. After the original raiser folded Marc 5bet to 29.2k. After thinking it over Rab elected to fold.

22:39: Willie Cheung down to 1.1k after losing with KQ top pair vs a Set of 3s.

22:32: Double up for John McLeish with AK vs 77 all in on the low flop:

22:27: Neil Feenan just asked his mate, "What level are we on?" and the reply was "200/400". Neil then said, "No, what level in the car park you fud. I need to get my phone charger".

22:18: The next big Scottish poker event after this is the GUKPT £500+£50 event at the Grsovenor Maybury Casino in Edinburgh in early April which has a whopping £100,000 guarantee:

22:16: Just overheard Willie Cheung asking how many were on the cash game list. Looks like he's short of chips.

22:15: Dundee leg winner for £12,000 Marc Leishman in action:

22:13: Jed Elliot out.

22:06: Blinds now 200/400 with a 50 ante.

14th March 2014 @ 22:43
Wilder, Alan chip stack (started on table 6). Worth a visit to spectate?
14th March 2014 @ 22:48
I'll get a pic and update for you. Nae bother.
14th March 2014 @ 22:50
Appreciate it.
14th March 2014 @ 22:51
He has 11.3k. Around 18 big blinds so plenty of work for him to do!
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