25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 14th March 2014 @ 9:08


22:00: Blinds up!

21:54: Robert Knight limped in with Qd9d and both blinds (Jack Loughlin and Neil Feenan) checked. Neil check/called Robert's flop bet and it was heads up to the Turn. This time Neil check/raised Robert's bet and he called. On the River Neil bet 11.4k and Robert called. Neil showed Jc7c for the straight and took it down.

21:44: Here are Angus Johnston, Leon Sarandis and Jed Elliot on Table 1:

21:40: On Table 2 after 5 limpers Willie Cheung makes it 2.1k from the SB and takes it down! He thinks it's just another £1/2 cash game. Here he is with David Blacklaw looking on, suspiciously:

21:30: The final count is 87 entries for Flight A. We have another 2 flights tomorrow at 12pm and 7.45pm.

21:16: Here are a few chip stacks from around the room:

Paul "Black Flash" Gupta 46k
Walter Niven 50k
Derek Gray 49k
Jonathan Wong 28k
David Blacklaw 25k
Willie Cheung 27k
Robert Knight 54k
John McLeish 31k
Gareth McNeill 43k
Jonny Lynas 56k
Kasim Khan 66k
Alan Brown 42k
James McIntyre 54k
Jamie Duffy 60k

21:09: Players on a 15 minute break. 86 in so far.

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