25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight A - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 14th March 2014 @ 7:43


20:35: Blinds going up.

20:18: On Table 3 a raise from Paddy Doonan called by Robert Knight in the BB. Flop QhTd6s. Robert check/calls a 600 bet from Paddy. Turn 8c. Robert check calls another bet from Paddy. River 3c. Robert checks and Paddy bets 4k. Robert folds and Paddy takes it down.

20:03: On Table 2 a clock was called there on Derek Gray. He faced an all in on the Ks9s2c flop vs Nehme Al Asmar. It was a third player not involved in the hand, James McLean, that called for the clock as he thought Derek was taking too long. With about 2 seconds left on the 1 minute countdown Derek announced Call and tabled 99 for middle set (the second nuts). Nehme showed AsJs for the nut flush draw. Derek's set held up and Nehme was eliminated. The table expressed the opinion that he should have called a bit sooner. One of them told me he easily tanked for 8 minutes.

Here is Derek thinking over the call:

Here is the hand after the call and run out:

20:00: We have 74 entries for Flight A so far now.

19:59: Edinburgh players Cameron Alavizadeh and Jamie Duffy:

19:57: First man out Neil Feenan has walked off the tilt and is now back for a re-entry.

19:56: Robert Griffiths out from Table 4.

19:54: David Demountfalcon was actually moved recently to Table 8 and just got knocked out. Looks like he's back at the desk for a re-entry though.

19:50: David Demountfalcon and Robert Knight form Table 3:

19:48: Table 3 with John McLeish, John Loughlin and Paddy Doonan:

19:45: Blinds now 75/150.

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