25/25 Series Merchant City - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 14th March 2014 @ 7:00


19:43: Blinds going up! Each level's updates will be on a new post.

19:38: Here is Table 2 with Leon Sarandis, Penny Malik, Jonny Gray and Jonny Lynas:

19:35: Here is Table 4 with Gareth NcNeill, Robert Griffiths, John Peebles, Paul Tenbruck, Dean Lyall, Joe Hamilton and Angela Livingstone:

19:18: Lost our first player; it's Edinburgh player Neil Feenan! He was all in preflop with KK vs Lloyd Swan's AA and couldn't find the suck out. Here is Neil earlier in the level (on the right) and Rab Welsh on the left.

19:15: Here are the entrants for Flight A so far. Plenty more in the queue about to get in too.

19:11: Late and re-entries will be allowed for 3 x 40 minute levels plus the 15 minute break so that is about 9.15pm tonight.

19:10: Edinburgh players Jamie Duffy and Paddy Doonan just arrived in buying in. Dundee leg winner Marc Leishman also involved and keen to take down another one.

19:08: I'm sitting right next to Table 3 so will feature a bit of action from there as the night goes on.

19:05: Level 1 now under way. 38 players so far plus others, including Glasgow Cash Game Legend Jonny Gray, queuing up to get seated.

18:57: Just a few minutes until we kick things off here in Glasgow:

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