25/25 Series Dundee - Final Table - Level 26 (30k/60k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 19:56


03:41: Blinds up!

03:36: Chico's rail being a touch over exuberant with their comments towards his opponent. Management are having to calm them down.

03:29: Still battling here in a really, really, really long heads up match. We are all loving it here though. Great fun!

03:18: Panorama pic of the epic heads up battle:

03:12: Latest counts:

Chico Lamont - 2700k
Marc Leishman - 3600k

03:09: Huge all in with JdTd (Marc) vs 44 (Chico). Marc hits a Jack and gets a big double up.

03:06: Q8 is Chico's all-time favourite hand and his online screenname is even named after it. That might help explain the last hand a little.

03:03: Chico 3bets Marc's 125k button open to 360k here. Marc 4bets to 600k. Chico 5bets all in. Marc tanks but eventually folds then chico SHOWS THE Q8 OFFSUIT!

03:00: Small pots going back and forward in a probading and tactical heads up battle here.

02:58: Chico makes a good call on the River with Ace High and wins a nice pot from Marc.

02:57: Blinds now 30k/60k heads up. Chico Lamont vs Marc Leishman. £10k secured. Playing for an extra £2k and the 25/25 Series title!

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