25/25 Series Dundee - Final Table - Level 25 (25k/50k/5k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 19:03


02:56: Blinds up!

02:55: The boys heads up along with the enthralled rail in the background:

02:52: The 1st place prize money is now on the table for the heads up match:


02:47: A few pots back and forward. Testing each other out.

02:46: Approx counts:

Chico Lamont - 3700k
Marc Leishman - 2600k

02:41: Sizeable pot for Marc there.

02:40: Here are the payouts so far:

3 Rauf Mohammad £7,300
4 Motaghian Hamid £3,650
5 Angus John £2,750
6 Bressan Bruno £2,200
7 Ogg Conor £1,750
8 Mcqueen Barry    £1,400
9 Thomson Christopher £1,000
10 Parry Alistair £700
11 Noble Ian £650
12 Kamalanthan GK £650
13 Swan Ian £650
14 Townshend Scott £500
15 Bisset David £500
16 Geekie Barrie £500
17 Brown Ivor £500
18 Shaw Dennis £500
19 Ng Stephen £500
20 Malik Penny £500
21 Mahmood Shahid £500
22 Johnston Thomas £500
23 Alavizadeh Cameron £500
24 Brown Ewan Mitchell £450
25 Doonan Patrick £450

02:32: The 2 remaining players have £10k locked up now. They are just playing heads up for the leftover £2k and the trophy of course.

02:30: Approx counts heads up:

Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 4000k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 2300k

02:30: Mohamed Rauf out in 3rd place for £7,300!

02:27: Marc just took out Mohamed, calling with top pair vs a big turn bluff with a Gutshot that missed. We are heads up!

02:25: Latest counts:

Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 650k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 4100k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 1600k

02: 21: Mohamed down to 650k but Marc and Chico just played a huge pot all in preflop with AQ (Chico) vs 55 (Marc). An Ace on the flop was enough for Chico to double up. Chico had a 2046k stack!

02:18: Marc makes it 100k from the SB. Mohamed calls. Kh7s6d flop. Marc bets 125k. Called. Turn 2h. Marc bets 155k. Called. River Ks. Marc bets 160k. Called. Mark shows A7 and wins. Mohamed taking hits from both players now. Getting relatively short.

02:25: Mohamed opens for 105k on the button and Chico calls. Flop Qd8s4d. Mohamed bets 125k. Chico check/calls.  Turn Ks. Check/Check. River 6s. Chico fires 275k. Mohamed calls! Chico wins with K8 for a turned two pair.

02:13: Marc opens for 100k on the Button. Mohamed calls as does Chico. Flop Ts7c4c. Marc bets 155k when checked too. Mohamed calls. Chico folds. Turn Kd. Check/Check. River 8d. Check/Check. Marc shows 9c8s for a rivered pair and it's good enough.

02:12: All 3 have £7,300 secured. Playing for £10,000 for 2nd and £12,000 for 1st only now.

02:11: Marc opens the button, Mohamed 3bets and Chico cold-4bets all in. No calls and he takes it down.

02:08: A hug for Team Chico on the break:

02:07: Approx counts:

Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 2000k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 1500k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 2800k

02:06: Mohamed proposing a chop of some kind they playing for the title and a few hundred quid. No agreement though and we're playing on.

02:03: Still 3-handed. Players on a break.

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