25/25 Series Dundee - Final Table - Level 24 (20k/40k/4k)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 2nd February 2014 @ 18:18


01:56: Players on a short break. Next updates on a new page.

01:54: Blinds going up soon. Chico makes it 85k on the Button. Mohamed calls from the BB. Flop 8c7s4c. Check/Check. Turn 6c. Mohamed Check/Calls 105k from Chico. River 6d. Mohamed checks. Chico bets and Mohamed calls but they both have Fives and it's a chop!

01:51: Mohamed opens to 80k on the Button. Marc 3bets to 175k from the BB. Mohamed calls. Flop Qc6d3d. Marc continues and Mohamed folds.

01:48: Chico opens 85k on the Button and both players call. Flop Ks9h6d. Chico bets 106k when checked to. Marc calls. Mohamed shoves all in! Chico quickly folds. Marc asks how much he has then folds. Mohamed shows Kd5h for a strongly- played top pair.

01:47: Chico makes it 100k from the SB. Marc calls. Flop 6s5h4d. Chico c-bet and takes it.

01:45: Marc and Mohamed involved in a chunky pot here. Marc takes it down.

01:36: Updated approx counts:

Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 2200k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 2100k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 2100k

01:40: Huge all in preflop and Mohamed doubles up (AA) through Chico (KQ). He started with about 1.1million.

01:36: Wildly approx visual counts:

Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 1000k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 3200k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 2100k

01:29: Marc makes it 85k from the SB. Mohamed calls. Flop 874 rainbow. Marc checks. Mohamed bets 108k. Marc calls. Turn 3s to complete the rainbow. Marc checks. Mohamed bets 228k. Marc raises to 352k! Mohamed then makes it 728k total! Marc thinks for a short time then shoves all in (923k total). Mohamed calls. Huge pot! Marc tables 43 for bottom two pair. Mohamed shows 99 for an overpair. The River is blank Deuce and Marc gets massive double up!

01:28: Chico raises and takes it SB to BB.

01:27: Mohamed limps the SB and Chico check.s Flop 993. Check/Check. Turn J. Check/Check. River 5. Mohamed check/folds to Chico's bet (before it even hit the felt).

01:26: Marc raises SB to BB and wins preflop.

01:25: Not much change:

01:19: We are playing for:

1st - £12,000
2nd - £10,000
3rd - £7,300

01:18: Latest approx counts:

Seat 2 - Mohamed Rauf - 2000k
Seat 5 - Chico Lamont - 3525k
Seat 7 - Marc Leishman - 800k

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